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KeySmart 2.0 Standard Pack


KeySmart 2.0 Standard Pack


This swiss army knife style key holder is the perfect pocket organizer and minimalist keyring. With its versatile attributes and a wide selection of accessories, the KeySmart key organizer is able to fit up to 100 keys (with expansion sets).

Includes 1 loop piece to attach car keys.

USB takes up 2 slots.

Loop piece takes up one slot.

Able to fit up to 3 keys without expansion set.


Unique ‘S’ design allows you to hold between 2- 100 keys (with expansion packs)
Compact size is smaller than a pack of gum
Universal, will fit almost any key found at your local hardware
Ultra strong and can withstand anything your life throws at it.
Eliminates any key jingle
Hides the jagged teeth while exposing the smooth back of the keys for easy access
Handmade in Chicago


Aircraft Aluminum
Stainless Steel Hardware
Laser Engraved logo
Polished loop for car fobs


Q: What is the difference between KeySmart Standard Pack and KeySmart Retail Pack

A: KeySmart Standard Pack can fit up to 3 keys while KeySmart Retail Pack can fit up to 8 keys.

Q: Will my keys fit?

A: The size of your keyhole must be at least 4.5mm in diameter and 55mm in length to fit into KeySmart Standard. If you have keys which are longer than 55mm in length, we recommend getting our KeySmart Extended.

Q: Does the loop piece take up space in the KeySmart?

A: Yes, the loop piece counts as 1 key in the assembly

Q: What is the recommended measurement for 1 key to fit in the KeySmart?

A: The recommended measurement for 1 key is as shown:



Weight28 g

Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, Slate


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